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Scholarships and Awards

University Recreation appreciates the community's support in recognizing students, departments and UREC student organizations through scholarships and awards. Below is a list of employee scholarships, leadership scholarships and organization awards that are currently offered. 

If you are interested in recognizing students or organizations in our program through financial support, please reach out to University Recreation at 828-262-2100, 8am-5pm Monday-Friday to start the process.

Carter Firestarter Scholarship

Awarded to UREC Student Employees which demonstrate creativity, innovation and inspiration to others.

Daye Award

Recognizes undergraduate student employees of University Recreation that assert excellence in sincerity, loyalty, integrity, dedication, and stewardship for UREC and Appalachian State University.

Douglas Miller Honorary Scholarship

From 2012 - 2019, this scholarship was awarded to UREC Student Employees who demonstrated dedication, courage and selfless service.

Rich & Tasse Little Team of the Year Award

Awarded to a Club Sports team that exhibits excellence in every aspect of their sport. As such, this team is competitive on the field of play and is at the forefront of the Appalachian State University Club Sports community off the field.

A4 Award [Appalachian Adventure Achievement Award]

Recognizes individuals who exemplify the outdoor lifestyle. 

Student Affairs Leadership & Legacy Awards

Several awards are given each year to recognize and honor students who make significant contributions to Student Affairs programs in the areas of academic and leadership excellence, and to recognize the time, energy, skills and commitment of students, faculty, student affairs educators and staff.