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Membership and Fees

Student Access to Facilities

Student Activity Fees help cover the operational costs for University Recreation. Undergraduate and graduate students enrolled full time, paying student fees, are granted membership to the Student Recreation Center, the Quinn Recreation Center, and Mt. Mitchell Fitness Centre. Undergraduate and graduate students who are enrolled part time are granted membership provided they pay the Student Activity Fee.

  • Participants must present a valid AppCard for admittance to the recreation facilities. Individuals who present false identification (use an AppCard other than their own), or whose ID is presented by another individual will be suspended from the recreation facilities for 3 days


Guest Policy

  • Current students, faculty and staff are allowed one guest per day at the rate of $6.00.
  • Payment can be made with cash, check, or AppExpress.
  • Guest passes may be used each day during regular facility hours.
  • To obtain a guest pass, sponsors must present their current valid University ID card.
  • Spouses/Significant Others and Dependents that are 16 years of age or older are allowed one guest per day at the rate of $6.00.
  • Dependents under the age of 16 cannot sponsor guests at any time.
  • Sponsors will be held accountable for their guest's behavior.
  • All guest passes must be purchased at the Student Recreation Center.  For participation at Quinn Recreation Center and Mt. Mitchell, the sponsor will need to go to the Student Recreation Center to purchase the guest pass.

Faculty & Staff User Fees

All current App State faculty and staff members who wish to use the Student Recreation Center, Quinn Recreation Center and/or the Mt. Mitchell Fitness Centre are required to pay a fee. Retired App State faculty and staff are not required to pay the fee, but must have a valid App State AppCard for admission.

Fee Options - Permanent Employees

Permanent Employees may have a full-term direct payment of $48 per individual or $96 per family for the year. A monthly payroll deduction is $4 for Individual Membership or $8 for the Family Membership. A permanent employee may be full or part time. If you are eligible to receive NC State Employee benefits (insurance, retirement etc.) you are considered permanent. 

Fee Options - Temporary & Adjunct Employees

Temporary and Adjunct Employees may have a direct payment of $20 per semester to use the facilities. The monthly payroll deduction of $4 for Individual Membership or $8 for the Family Membership is an option as well. 


Download: Temporary Employee Semester Membership Form

Download: Payroll Deduction Membership Form


Please complete the Payroll Deduction Form using a pen and send two copies through campus mail to:

University Recreation
Attn: Memberships
ASU Box 32081
Student Recreation Center


AppCard Office
Attn: Linda Isaacs
Trivette Hall

Please keep in mind that all dependents must have their own AppCard in order to have access to the facilities.

Length of Coverage 
All full-term direct payment IDs (AppCards) expire on August 15th of each year, no matter when the fee was paid. Monthly payroll deduction IDs (AppCards) are valid until cancellation form is received by Human Resource Services Office or termination of employment. 

To cancel please complete the Cancellation Form, print, complete, and send to: Kimberly Anthony, University Recreation, Box 32081, SRC.


Dependents of students, permanent employees (faculty and staff), temporary and adjunct staff, and retired faculty/staff of Appalachian State University qualify for access. Each dependent must have a valid AppCard for admission. Dependents who qualify for access are:

  • Spouses/domestic partners 
  • Children under 19 years of age living at home
  • Children 19 years or older who qualify as a dependent for federal income tax purposes. Specifically, this means that the child is currently enrolled as a full-time student.

If you would like to apply for access for your domestic partner, spouse, or child, please complete the Family Agreement Form below: 

Download: Family Agreement Membership Form

Summer User Fees

Students who are registered for summer school will have access to the facilities through payment of student fees. Facility use is granted through payment of student fees. Some students such as those enrolled in International Programs, Internships and Student Teaching are not charged student fees because it is assumed that you are not on campus and therefore not using services and facilities. 

If students are not enrolled in Summer School they may have access to the facilities if they:

  • Were enrolled in the previous Spring Semester classes
  • Have paid a $20 facility activity fee 
  • Are pre-registered for Fall classes

Seniors who graduated in the Spring semester may also pay the Summer Facility Usage Fee during the same calendar year in which they graduated. The Summer Facility Usage form and payment can be completed at the Student Recreation Center to have your AppCard activated through the last day of summer school classes in August.

Students enrolled in Summer School but not charged student fees such as those enrolled in International Programs, Internships and Student Teaching may have access to the facilities by completing a Summer Facility Usage form.

Permanent Faculty & Staff who pay fees via payroll deduction (and dependents, spouses/domestic partners where fee is paid) may use the facilities year round.

Adjunct Faculty not teaching in the summer who will be returning in the Fall may gain access with a letter from their department chair to Angela Shook,, confirming that you will be re-hired to teach in the Fall and by completing a Summer Facility Usage form and payment of $20 facility activity fee.