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Meet our Trainers


Carolina Lindsey 

Major: Family and Child Studies

Hey, I'm Carolina! I've been on a fitness journey for about 4 years that's included varied versions of activity. I love powerlifting, but also enjoy boxing, barre, pilates, and circuit trainings. I really enjoy helping beginners get comfortable and confident in the gym and their bodies. Let me know if you want to start your journey with me! 


Jordan Cox 

Major: Nutrition and Foods (Dietetics)

Hi all, my name is Jordan! I'm a sophomore here at App State, and my major is nutrition and foods with a dietetics concentration! Weightlifting, fitness and movement in general are big passions of mine, so being able to share that with others is a dream come true. I've been a NASM certified personal trainer for a little under 2 years, and my mission is to help everyone interested in any fitness niche to be safe, supported, and successful! 






Steven Young

Major: Exercise Science 

Hello, my name is Steven Young. I am currently a sophomore here at Appalachian State University, and I'm majoring in Exercise Science with a Strength and Conditioning focus. I mainly do resistance and endurance training, and I help as many people as I can achieve their fitness goals.



Chase Cadman

Major: Exercise Science 

Hi everyone! My name is Chase, and I am a senior here at App State majoring in Exercise Science with a minor in Nutrition. I love working out and leading a healthy lifestyle and helping others find a love for the gym and fitness!



Kyle Benton

Major: Clinical Exercise Physiology 

Hello everyone my name is Kyle Benton, I am a second year masters student here at App State studying Clinical Exercise Physiology and an ACE certified Personal Trainer. Exercise, health, and athletics has always been my biggest passion even before attending undergrad. My favorite discipline of exercise - personally - is olympic weightlifting, but I am well versed in powerlifting, general strength training, cardiovascular/endurance training, injury prevention, and overall health. My goal is to help anyone who wants to start or improve their fitness journey in the most fun and effective way possible. Please reach out! 



Jose Sanchez

Major: Exercise Science 

Hey there, my name is Jose and I am a Personal Trainer through ACE. When it comes to fitness I like to learn and incorporate all forms of exercise into my daily routine. Such as weightlifting, Olympic lifting, trail running, indoor cycling, HIIT cardio, rock climbing, and Pilates, just to name a few. My goal as a trainer is to show everyone that no matter the age or fitness level, they can always reach their desired goal. 



Ben Sanders

Major: Exercise Science 

Hi! My name is Ben Sanders and I am entering my junior year here at App State. I am majoring in Exercise Science and minoring in Nutrition. I recently got my ACE Personal Training certification and am very excited to begin training for UREC. I have been unofficially training friends for several years now and love helping others develop a good relationship with exercise to improve both their mental and physical wellbeing. My interests in fitness include bodybuilding, powerlifting, and plyometrics. Excited to work with you!!