Certified Pool Operator


This certification program is taught over a two-day period by a certified instructor to provide individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary for pool and spa operations, including pool and spa chemistry testing, treatment, filtration, maintenance, automatic feeding equipment, and government requirements.

This certification is valid for five years and is widely accepted by local and state authorities, as well as recognized on a national and international level. This course give participants a better understanding of the operator's role in pool care management.

Find more information about the CPO course by downloading our CPO Flyer or you may contact Cheryl Eddins, Assistant Director for Aquatics, at (828) 262- 8707 or at her email, eddinscj@appstate.edu).

In classroom only. This course does not utilize the pool.


  Full Course Recertification Blended Learning Pool Operator Fusion
ASU Students $200.00 $100 $150 $95
Other $285.00 $150 $185


  Date: Fall 2021 TBD