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Student Affairs COVID-19 Response.

Keep Yosef Active!

Happy New Year to our Mountaineer family! University Recreation (UREC) is excited to continue to have the opportunity to impact the community that we serve!

For the spring 2021 semester, UREC will provide spaces for recreation in the Student Recreation Center (SRC) that will include working out in the weight room and cardio floor, swimming in the indoor pool, and getting adventurous on the climbing wall. Additionally, virtual and a limited amount of in-person group fitness classes will be available. Intramural, club sports, and outdoor programs will continue to provide opportunities for recreating as operations alter. In-person activities will resume once students are allowed to return. Virtual and online events will be hosted to keep participants involved! For the most up-to-date list of programs visit the University Recreation website or download the UREC App in your app store. These opportunities will begin on January 19. 

Information on how to register and book time slots to enter and utilize the SRC and register for virtual group fitness classes and ESports can be found on the website. Please remember that a face-covering is mandatory and should be worn at all times!

In the fall semester of 2020, UREC conducted a survey to see how safe and satisfied their participants felt while working out.

  • 96% of participants agreed or strongly agreed that UREC was clean and organized in a social distanced model
  • 95% of participants agreed or strongly agreed they felt safe and comfortable while using the area of the recreation center they worked out in
  • 97% of participants agreed or strongly agreed they value having the in-person opportunity to recreate at the recreation center.
Josh shares what University Recreation being available for students during Fall 2020 meant to him and other students.

Other stories:

Hi my name is Ana and I just finished my first semester of my freshman year at Appalachian State. Starting off college amid a pandemic has definitely not been the experience I was hoping for. I found it really hard at the beginning to meet new people and get involved on campus. Within the first week few weeks of school I started going to some of the group fitness classes offered at the Rec center. I’ve always loved attending group fitness classes at my gym at home, so I was very excited to try out all of the classes Appalachian offered. Now there isn’t a day during the week where I’m not at the Rec Center. I have made so many friends through attending classes such as Barre Cycle and campus run. Attending these classes is a huge stress reliever for me, I have felt myself getting stronger physically, and I love the positive and welcoming community all of the group fitness and UREC staff provide. I can’t wait to be back to all of my favorite fitness classes next semester!
If I were asked to describe in three words what I did my first semester I would say friends, homework, and rock climbing. What originally started as a form of exercise quickly became a passion, as I strived to better myself every single day. I had never really rock climbed before the SRC but with the support of the staff and new-found friends, I quickly progressed. The SRC helped get me out of my dorm and stay in shape and because of that my semester was great.

Looking for additional opportunities at UREC? We’ve got them! One way to get involved is to become a student employee with UREC. There are many different jobs students can apply for such as aquatics, fitness and wellness, facility and maintenance, outdoor programs, intramural sports, member services, and communications positions. For more information about the application process, job descriptions, and more, visit the website. Come join our team! 

- Rachel Baker & Jules Silver - UREC Graduate Assistants

Jan 13