SRC Track Policies

  • No food, drinks, gum, hauling devices (strollers, carts, car seats, etc.) or roller blades on the track.
  • Appropriate athletic footwear and attire are required at all times.
  • Closed toe/closed heel non-marking athletic footwear is required on the track at all times. NO BOOTS, CLEATS, OR SPIKES.
  • Warming up/Stretching in front two corners of the track only.
  • Keep all warm-up/stretching materials and balls in this area at all times.
  • Use of an Exercise Equipment in back two corners of the track only.
  • Exercise/Medicine balls are not to be thrown or used to throw against walls of track at any time.
  • Do not use wall to stretch, place feet, or ball against at any time.
  • Adhere to track direction.
  • No spitting in the track area or waste bins.
  • No standing, observing, or watching from the track.
  • Inside lane is reserved for runners. Outside lane is reserved for joggers/walkers.
  • It is recommended that all personal items be stored and locked in the locker room.
  • Do not bring or use any materials from weight room on the track at any time unless under the supervision of a fitness trainer.
  • University Recreation is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items. (Turn in any found items in to a Facility Supervisors on duty)
  • This facility is being monitored by closed circuit cameras.


You should be aware that you may be injured participating in University Recreation activities or facilities. It is strongly recommended that all participants have a physical examination and secure adequate medical insurance prior to participation. Since all activities are voluntary, Appalachian State University assumes no responsibility for monetary expenses incurred for medical treatment or transportation for emergency care.

Any violation of the policies listed above or those set forth by

University Recreation may be grounds for removal from the facilities.

Failure to abide by procedures will result in disciplinary action.


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Physical Address:
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SRC Main Office: (828) 262-2100
UREC Hotline (828) 262-UREC
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SRC Console: (828) 262-8704
Quinn Rec Center: (828) 262-3035

Mt. Mitchell Fitness Center: (828) 262-8301


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