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In an effort for Recreational Sports to become more inclusive, meet the needs of the App State community, and match the UREC Strategic Plan, Rec Sports have made some updates to how we run and structure the Sports Programs. Rec Sports wants to create a positive, fun, and inclusive as best we can for all of the App State community.  To do this we have changed all of our leagues to open leagues and decided to spilt our leagues into two different levels of competition. The information for the Competitive league is below. 

Competitive Leagues: This league is designed to meet more of the needs of participants that have some experience to a lot of experience but want a safe, fun, welcoming environment to enjoy an activity with their peers and colleagues. This league is designed to meet the participants that want more of a competitive environment to test their skills.

Another update is Rec Sports to make sure the program is focusing on the participant experience instead of focusing on wins and losses of the leagues. Rec Sports have added the concept "spirit of the game" which is basically giving more responsibility to the participants for administering and adhering to the rules of the game and keep the basic joy of the sport. This concept relies on the mutual respect between participants and Rec Sports Staff members. More details and training will be given throughout the league to both participants and Rec Sports Staff members.


Have any questions, comments, or concerns please please reach out to the Sports Programs staff. 

Erin Sanders:

Turner Goa:

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Link to the new and improved sports rules for all of Rec Sports programs (link coming soon)


 Recreational Sports [League - Round Robin with Single Elimination Tournament]
Activity Start End Layout Registration Close Registration Link
Flag Football         Registration
Outdoor Soccer         Registration
6v6 Dodgeball         Registration
3v3 Basketball         Registration
Cornhole         Registration
Spikeball         Registration
6v6 Volleyball         Registration