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Group Fitness Schedule

Spring 2024 Group Fitness Class Schedule

Below is the schedule of the group fitness classes available to UREC members. Select an offering to read the description of the class.


All classes are geared to various fitness abilities the flames indicate the level of intensity for that specific class. We welcome all people to move with us!

Fusion Group Fit Format Icons or no flames = least or low intensity

Fusion Group Fit Format IconsFusion Group Fit Format Icons flames = low to moderate intensity

Fusion Group Fit Format IconsFusion Group Fit Format IconsFusion Group Fit Format Icons flames = moderate to high intensity

Fusion Group Fit Format IconsFusion Group Fit Format IconsFusion Group Fit Format Icons Fusion Group Fit Format Icons flames = high intensity


Class Formats

  • Flow Yoga: This class is for Yogi's of all levels. We focus on flowing smoothly from one pose to another while emphasizing moving with the breath and strengthening our muscles. 
  • Meditation: This low to no movement class is the perfect way to de-stress, allowing you to relax and rejuvenate your body and mind through guided meditation. All are welcome and no meditation experience is necessary. 
  • Slow Yoga: Improve your flexibility and balance while working and stretching every inch of the body. Integrating breath and postures will leave you feeling energized and renewed in the body and mind. Yoga Extended is the 75 minute version of this class.
  • Vinyasa Flow: Take Yoga Flow to the next level! Vinyasa Yoga Flow is a Yoga Flow Class geared towards experienced yogis and linking the physical postures with the breath. The word Vinyasa translates to “flowing with the breath.” This class encourages you to explore the idea of getting upside-down, may introduce more arm balances, and offer deeper backbends. This class is ideal for intermediate to advanced Yogi's. 
  • Yoga for Athletes: This 75 minute Yoga practice is perfect for anyone from beginner Yogi to a competitive athlete. Yoga for Athletes is for any and all Mountaineers who may experience tight muscles and are looking to feel more flexibile in body and gain competitive focus in mind.
  • Power Yoga: Power yoga is a strong moving flow that cultivates strength, stamina, and flexibility. This practice is designed to challenge and warm up the body while building some heat. This class is ideal for intermediate to advanced Yogi's.  
  • Paddleboard Yoga: Take your yoga practice to the pool! The added level of instability makes your practice exciting and new! Make sure to wear a bathing suit and bring a towel. Don't be afraid to fall in the pool, some moves will make sure you enjoy a splash on purpose. 
  • Paddleboard Vinyasa: Take your Vinyasa flow onto the water, adding a fun twist and a bit of intensity to your typical practice. Make sure to wear a bathing suit and bring a towel. Don't be afraid to fall in the pool, move moves will make sure your enjoy a splash on purpose. 
  • Twerk n Tone: Kings! Queens! Icons! This integrated class combines afro-beat, latin, and club-like moves such as twerking, with Cardio Dance and Zumba styles in order to create an immersive, fitness experience. With roots stemming from Africa dance, this class uses twerking to break a sweat for a fun and energetic workout! NO DANCE OR TWERK EXPERIENCE NEEDED. 
  • Cardio Dance: Dance your stress away with this fun energizing class! Cardio Dance utilizes popular music along with fun and inspiring dance moves. This class is like the real life Just Dance with a good variety of music and movements. No dance experience necessary, just come ready to move!
  • Modern Dance: Join us for a dance class that focuses on creativity and passion expression through movement rather than technique. This 75 minute class will include a warm-up, dance combo, and time to perform at the end. No experience necessary! 
  • Dance Fusion: Leave it at the door and join us for this inclusive fusion dance party! With music from around the world to celebrate, sweat, and condition the body. All dance experiences are welcome! 
  • Kickboxing: Punch, kick, and block your stress away through this heart-pumping cardio workout using just your bodyweight. This fierce workout will make you feel stronger and ready to take on the world. 
  • AppStrong: New to ligting weights or just getting back in the rhythm? AppStrong is for you! This full body class combines the weighted bar with upbeat music for a fun-filled workout. We target major and minor muscle groups with low weights and high reps. Lets get AppStrong! 
  • ABsolution: Power, stability and posture all starts with the core. With this class you'll enjoy 30 minutes packed full of a variety of challenging ab exercises that will help to increase your powerhouse endurance.
  • AppFire: Strength, cardio and core are comdined into 9 rounds in this 45 minute class. Using form, intensity, rounds, and endurance you will work all the major muscle groups and challenge your cardiovascular and muscular endurance.
  • Barre: Incorporating elements from Ballet, Pilates, and Yoga, Barre is a full body workout that uses the ballet barre to perform small, isometric movements, which burn fat, sculpt muscles and create long, lean physiques.

  • Bootcamp: This full body strength and conditioning workout using the heavy bag, weights, and other equipment in the Functional Training room for an interval-training circuit class that will challenge yourself to be stronger and faster with every movement. 

  • Boone Booty Blast: Did somebody say leg day? This quick workout strengthens the lower body muscles to fatigue. Feel the burn and feel confident as you squat your way to more toned muscles and improved bone density!
  • Intro to Cycle If you've never taken a cycle class or just getting back in the rhythm, this is the perfect class for you! Learning everything from how to set up your bike to the various integrated movements. All while having a fun workout.
  • Cycle: Get ready for an uplifting and upbeat cycle class that includes dynamic body movements, lots of fun, and today's hits! Great for cyclists of all levels. Bring water and be prepared for a good time!! Cycle Xpress is our 30 minute version of this class. 
  • Cycle Mania: Get ready for a 45 minute ride that will have you dancing on the bike! This class incorporates resistance, speed, and some fun choreography. Cycle through sprints, hill climbs, flat road, upper-body movements, and more. Cycle Mania Xpress is the 30 minute version of this class.
  • Advanced Cycle: Ready for a challenge? Take this advanced cycle class for 45 minutes of pure intensity and interactive movements to give you the most beneficial cardiovascular gains and muscle toning. Advanced Cycle Xpress is the 30 minute version of this class.