University Recreation Facility Request Form


This form is NOT to be used by Club Sports program.

This form is to request the use of one UREC Facility area only. Please use an additional form for each additional request and/or a request for more than one area for the same event!

This form pertains to requesting the following UREC Facilities only:

  • Student Recreation Center (All Areas) All Times
  • Quinn Recreation Center (All Areas) All Times
  • Mt. Mitchell Life Fitness Centre (Aerobics Studio) All Times
  • State Farm Fields All Times

University Recreation reserves the facilities listed above for campus organizations and/or individuals affiliated with Appalachian State University. Organizations and/or individuals not affiliated with Appalachian State University cannot request the use of any of these facilities.

UREC Facility Request Forms may be completed at any time, but organizations and/or individuals completing them will not be notified of approval until 2 weeks before the requested date.

The organization and/or individual requesting the use of any of the above recreational facilities is responsible for the care and the upkeep of the facility during the time which has been granted. Monetary charges for unusual custodial and/or other services will be the responsibility of the requesting party.

There may be charges for the use of facilities that could include, Facility Supervisors, Lifeguards, Field set-up and break down and for use of the lighting system at State Farm Fields. Please keep these points in mind when budgeting your event.

If the requesting party will be using the requested facility for fund raising, then they must have approval from the Center for Student Involvement and Leadership. A Solicitation Registration Form must be completed and an approved copy submitted to the University Recreation Department before the request for use of the facility will be approved.

In some cases, a letter from the organizations faculty advisor must be submitted before the request for the use of the facility will be approved.

Please note that vehicular traffic and alcoholic beverages are prohibited in any activity area. All trash removal and general clean-up will be the responsibility of the requesting party.

Except under special circumstances, activity space will not be scheduled during peak use times (Sun-Thurs from 3pm - 11pm).

If the event is cancelled or postponed, please notify, in advance, University Recreation at 262-2100!



* Will fundraising be involved in this event?
* Will lighting be needed for this event?
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Physical Address:
Student Recreation Center
150 Bodenheimer Drive
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SRC Main Office: (828) 262-2100
UREC Hotline (828) 262-UREC
(for game schedules and cancellations)
SRC Console: (828) 262-8704
Quinn Rec Center: (828) 262-3035

Mt. Mitchell Fitness Center: (828) 262-8301


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