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Why Do U Rec?


Check out these stories of students who love UREC! Stay up to date on our instagram page for more stories and events for you to get involved in! 

Freshman year I started coming to kickboxing which I really enjoyed. Over time I slowly began going to more UREC classes. Going to kickboxing helped kick start my weight loss. Having lost over 60 pounds now fitness and healthy living is a huge part of my life. Becoming a group fitness instructor has brought me so much joy because I get to help others reach their fitness goals and I love to workout. 

 - Molly Watts

I love to be active in any way I can.

- Eris Lowdermilk

I like the pool and teaching.

- Laurel Hedger

UREC gives me the opportunity to lead and coach others in their wellness and fitness journeys. I love that UREC has the ability to inspire others and make a greater impact on the people that we reach!  

- Rachel Baker

I love the community of people you can find in the group fitness setting. Such an inspiring group!!

- April Halterman

I work with UREC to collaborate with diverse individuals and gain valuable leadership, critical thinking, and teamwork building skills.

- Shannon Collier

I participate with UREC because it is a safe place to workout with a wonderful staff. Joining the UREC staff last semester was so fun and I was welcomed by a great community of people. I learned so many things about weight lifting and found that I loved doing it! Can’t wait to get back in the gym!

- Cathryn Struck

To be able to be the best version of myself mentally and physically.

- Maggie Laviner

UREC gives me a safe space to push myself and see what my body is capable of!

- Emily Schreiber

I have always loved working out and being active and now I am able to help others do that as well.

- Grace Gay

I love being involved with UREC because everyone is so welcoming and it gives me such a sense of belonging on campus, especially within the group fitness community! I teach yoga with group fitness, and it gives me a space to share something I love with so many different people that I wouldn’t have met otherwise!

- Madeline Tice

I participate in UREC not only because I love exercising, but also because the UREC team at App is so welcoming and supportive. I've taken many different work out classes, and have been to the gym countless times, and I never feel uninvited. And working there is just as great! My co-workers are very helpful and very nice.

- Brittany Anderson

Because I love going outside and enjoying everything that these beautiful mountains have to offer.

- Patrick Osborne

I love the atmosphere at the gym. I love being able to talk to everyone coming in and all the people I work with. It's a great community.

- Haley Bolduc

To get involved on campus in a positive environment with other students that enjoy incorporating fitness into their daily routines like me!

- Paige Strickland

I am a personal trainer with UREC because I am passionate about helping others reach their goals! As trainers and instructors, we teach practical skills to help one simply stay in shape... but beyond merely that, we are responsible for cultivating a culture of health and wellness that ultimately makes the students and staff of Appalachian State better people overall! It's my life's mission to help shape better people through the platform of fitness, and UREC allows me to do just that.

- Jay Huyck

I participate with U Rec because it helps me manage my stress, it helps to create a time of solitude in my day, and because recreation is an essential part of my life!

- Emma Reamer

I UREC because I love the outdoors and the new experience that it brings me. I love the challenge, risk, and out of comfort zone experience that the outdoors has to offer. And you meet some awesome people in the outdoors.

- Don Harley

I participate with University Recreation because I love the community of people who are involved there. It has allowed me to connect with people outside of my normal circles and receive support and advice. I also enjoy the different fitness classes that are offered, like yoga. University Recreation has allowed me to gain new experiences and opportunities while on campus.

- Hannah Wright

I U Rec for the excitement I get from seeing participants grow- mentally and physically stronger. I U Rec for the confidence that teaching group fitness classes has instilled in me. I U Rec for the community it has brought me full of empowering individuals who share the same passion for fitness. University Recreation at Appalachian State has filled my heart and soul in countless ways, and pushed me to accomplish goals I didn't even realize I'd set- like becoming a certified instructor and leader in the fitness world as an eval team member. UREC helps me become the best version of myself today and every day!

- Caroline Cole