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Group Fitness Schedule

Summer and Fall 2022 Group Fitness Class Schedule

Below is the schedule of the group fitness classes available to UREC members. Select an offering to read the description of the class.


All classes are geared to various fitness abilities the flames indicate the level of intensity for that particular class. We welcome all people to move with us!

Fusion Group Fit Format Icons or no flames = least or low intensity

Fusion Group Fit Format IconsFusion Group Fit Format Icons flames = moderate or variable intensity

Fusion Group Fit Format IconsFusion Group Fit Format IconsFusion Group Fit Format Icons flames = high intensity

What to Expect for Attending a Group Fitness Class

  • Group fitness classes are first come, first serve. However, you may register beforehand to secure your spot. Register on the UREC phone app or on the schedule above!
  • Bring your App ID card to swipe into the facility and the class, a water bottle, and energy!
  • Go to the group fitness area of the class that you will be participating in. All locations are indicated in the schedule and on the UREC phone app. The Facility Supervisor can assist you in finding the class if needed. You will also swipe into the class as well.
  • Our instructors will welcome you into the class and help you with any equipment that may be needed.
  • Get ready for a good sweat and some fun!

How Do I Secure My Spot?

  1. Download the UREC phone app on your mobile device or register with this link on our website.

  2. Select the group fitness icon to see all of the classes that are offered weekly.

  3. Choose the class that you would like to take and click the register button. Registration opens 3 days prior to the start time of the class.

How Do I Cancel My Registration?

1. Click the Group Fitness icon on the UREC app.                                              2. Choose the class you want to cancel your registration for and click "register."                    

IMG 3725 591x1280.PNG                                                                               IMG 3727 591x1280.PNG                                                                     

3. Click on your profile icon in the top right corner and choose "Profile."       4. Choose "Program Registrations" in the drop down menu.       

IMG 3728 591x1280.PNG                                                                              IMG 3729 591x1280.PNG

5. Scroll over and click the 3 dots on the right for the class you want to cancel, and click "Cancel Registration."

 IMG 3730 591x1280.PNG