Water Polo

Open Water Polo

Water Polo got its start as a team sport during the 19th century in England and Scotland. The sport was typically used as a demonstration of strength and swimming skills at fairs and other festivals. The original game was rough and even allowed defenders to hold members of the opposing team underwater to recover the ball. The rules of the game have since changed to discourage rough play such as that.

Water Polo is a team water sport consisting of six team “field” players and one goalkeeper. Water Polo has strong ties to the land game of handball during which players pass the ball while being defended by players from the other team. To gain points, you score by throwing the ball into the goal.  Water Polo games typically consist of four seven-minute periods, during which the clock stops when the ball is not in play. However, we will not stop the clock during our trial games, making the periods consistent.

There are no advanced skills necessary to play water polo. The main skills necessary are basic swimming and treading water.

Where? Student Recreation Center pool

When? Fall Semester 2021 TBD