Facility Supervisor Job Description

Title: Facility Supervisor
Reports To: Assistant Director of Informal Recreation
Hours: Must be available early mornings, evenings, or weekends.  Minimum of 6 hours a week.

Position Summary: The Facility Supervisor is responsible for the overall supervision of the facility, student personnel, participants, and UREC programs while he/she is on duty. They are also responsible for enforcing all rules and regulations established for the participants and staff members by University Recreation, Appalachian State University and for the operation of the facility under the prescribed operating procedures. While on duty, the Facility Supervisor is the representative of the professional staff and the university. He/she will have to take control in emergency situations, settle disputes, answer inquiries, and evaluate the job performance of other student employees. Common sense, responsibility, dependability, maturity and visibility are keys to being an effective and efficient Facility Supervisor.

Specific Job Responsibilities:

  • Be able to fulfill and demonstrate that he/she is able to do all job duties of a console attendant.
  • See that all personnel are present and at their assigned areas when they are scheduled to work. If not, the Facility Supervisor is responsible for finding a replacement for that shift and for reporting this absence on the Daily Activity Report.
  • Continually walk around the facility checking all doors to ensure security, observing equipment for defects, observing participants for misuse of equipment or inappropriate conduct, periodically checking locker rooms for problems, and general encouragement of participants.
  • Ensure the proper use and care of equipment.
  • Take responsibility for all keys that access all doors in each recreation facility.  
  • Ensuring that a safe and equitable environment exists at all times for all participants.
  • Recording and reporting of accidents, injuries, and emergency situations.
  • Ensuring that all participants follow operating and usage policies.
  • Overseeing preparation, usage, and clean-up for special events and other specific programming.
  • Maintaining a clean facility.
  • Being able to complete tasks efficiently and without very close supervision.
  • Work closely with other student employees such as, but not limited to, Programmers, and Professional Staff.
  • Be a supportive team player and leader for University Recreation.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Qualifications for Hire:

  • Certifications in CPR-PR, AED, First Aid, Blood Borne Pathogens. (Provided if needed)
  • Previous experience within University Recreation or equal experience at a similar recreation facility.

Condition of Employment:

  • Accepted candidates will be notified of their assigned positions and be required to attend a mandatory training session to be held before each semester of employment. Staff hired after this date will be required to attend mandatory training sessions as assigned.
  • Facility Supervisors must reply to weekly emails in a timely fashion or attend a weekly meeting.
  • Facility Supervisors must be available to work seven days per week and have flexibility for morning, afternoon and evening shifts. Employees are expected to work a minimum of 6 hours per week.
  • secure current certifications in CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer, First Aid, and Blood Borne Pathogens.
  • Facility Supervisors should consider this position as their first non-academic priority. To fulfill the responsibilities of the job, and to successfully serve the needs of University Recreation, staff members should not have any other significant work or co-curricular commitments (more than twelve hours per week).
  • As part of your leadership development, Facility Supervisors should be active participants throughout the year in UREC.
  • Facility Supervisors must be committed to working together, and to helping each other to develop creative ideas and solutions.
  • Facility Supervisors must abide by all University Recreation policies and procedures on and off the clock.

Salary: $7.60- $8.00 per hour

To Apply: Applications are available online at urec.appstate.edu, at the Quinn Recreation Center, Mt. Mitchell Life Fitness Centre or the Student Recreation Center. Please submit to the UREC Office at the Student Recreation Center. For more information please call 828-262-2100.

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